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I am disappointed that the mare I came over to New Zealand to train for Sir Peter Vela has, unfortunately, gone amiss preparing for a tilt at the great staying races that Melbourne has to offer in the Spring. Scintilulla is, indeed, an amazingly athletic mare who had franked her form in Europe and has the ability, certainly, to make her presence felt in the fabulous staying races on offer over the next few months. This year it was not to be her year but we look forward to seeing her perform again in the not too distant future, perhaps in the Autumn.

In the meantime, another couple of lovely fillies and mares are nearing peak fitness to race shortly in New Zealand so I will oversee their preparation for a little while longer before returning to Seymour to be re-united with the great team John is doing such wonders with. I see that John has taken the training partnership to 19th place in country Victoria which is, indeed, an amazing feat in the face of such adversity over the past few years. What an incredible trainer and horseman he is - I admire his equine skills and ability so much!

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The Interview

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A perfect setting amongst the hills at Whiteheads Creek, Victoria, Australia.

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